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Ivan Andrašić was born on the 21st of December 1959. in Molve, where he attended elementary school, while graduating from high school in Đurđevac.
He graduated from Zagreb’s Institute of Philosophy in 1983. He’s been living and working from Koprivnica since 1988.
Starting to paint self-taught and from an early age in the manner of Croatian naive art, he had his first art show in 1971. In the beginning the main medium of expression for Ivan Andrašić was glass-painting and drawings of solid graphical clarity. Over time the docile landscape of the Molvan region purified into surrealistic clarity in which the meek region of Podravina assumed the sensual curves of females, while the female figures combined with the mild and eroticised landscape of Podravina.
Discovering a certain softness and spider-like airiness as an extraordinarily powerful expressive means led Andrašić irrevocably to revealing and accepting aquarel as a technique with which to spontaneously drift away from the recognizable Podravina manners to a sceneric painting in which the atmosphere fluctuates from academically correct notes to deeply personal impressions.
During the 80’s and 90’s he made several graphic maps and worked as an illustrator of books and poem collections from the Podravina authors.
Over a full four decades he participated in more than 300 group exhibitions around Europe, North America and Canada, while independently exhibiting on around 60 art shows.
He is a member of DNLUH and ZSUH.

Artist Andrašić Ivan works

  • Andrašić Ivan
    oil on glass / 25 x 40 cm

    4.250,00 kn (571,62 €)
  • Andrašić Ivan
    oil on glass / 38 x 32 cm

    4.250,00 kn (571,62 €)
  • Andrašić Ivan
    graphic / print / 49,5 x 36,5 cm

    480,00 kn (64,56 €)