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Dubravka Babić was born in Zagreb. After the Grammar School, in 1969, she started studying Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts (ALU) in Zagreb. She grad­uated in 1974 and took her M.A. degree, in the c1ass of prof. Albert Kinert, in 1976. Between 1984 and 1985, she was on a specialization in graphic art in Paris, with the scholarship granted by the French government.
Study visits: Italy, Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Holland, France, Greece, Spain, Egypt, Jor­dan, Israel, China, USA.
Since 1972, she has had about a hundred one-man-shows and about 400 group exhibitions in the country and abroad.
She has taken part in many workshops and artistic events.
Her works are housed in museums, galleries and private collections worldwide.
Her biography is contained in hundreds of catalogues and journal and newspaper articles. The monograph Dubravka Babić by Vladimir Maleković was published in 1987 by GZH-Biblioteka Prizma.
She is a member of the Croatian Fine Arts Association (HDLU), the Fine Arts Commission, mem­ber of the Artistic Council of HDLU, President of the Fine Arts Works Commission of the City Education Administration, Culture and Science Office in Zagreb, member of the Museum and Gallery Commission of Croatia, President of the Croatian Fine Arts, Visual and Audiovisual Com­mission, member of the Commission for International Cooperation, member of the Scholarship Commissions, in the area of art, both for Croatia and Zagreb.
She started working and the ALU in 1985 - from 1987 as a lecturer, from 1991 as a reader, and from 1996 as a full-professor at the Graphics Department.
From 1989 till 1990, she was the director, from 1990 till 1992 the vice-dean and from 1995 till 1999 the dean at the ALU.
During Dubravka Babić‘s mandate, the Academy won the City of Zagreb Award.

Artist Babić Dubravka works

  • Babić Dubravka
    Toreador and the bull
    graphic / print / 41 x 62 cm

    sample / not for sale
  • Babić Dubravka
    acrylic on paper / 37 x 57 cm

    4.690,00 kn (628,27 €)
  • SALE
    Babić Dubravka
    graphic / print / 40 x 60 cm

    MORE 1.240,00 kn ( -20% ) 992,00 kn (132,89 €)
  • Babić Dubravka
    drypoint / 100 x 70 cm

    5.250,00 kn (703,28 €)
  • Babić Dubravka
    etching / 32,8 x 25,5 cm

    2.260,00 kn (302,75 €)