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Nevenka Rehorović Matas was born in Gola in 1948, and she began to paint with less than sixteen years.
Seeing her drawings, famous painter Ivan Generalic sensed that she would develop into an excellent artist, and she was inspired to begin painting with oil paints.
Since 1965. Nevenka Rehorović - Matas has grown by an experienced artist who skillfully handled the composition, drawing and color and knows how to choose the right theme for her painting.
The motives of her paintings are different - most are winter landscapes of plains, village, village life from her childhood, but the image and interior, still life, portraits.
Nevenka Rehorović-Matas has prepared more than twenty solo exhibitions (the first time exhibited in Koprivnica 1967.)
Then follows her solo exhibition in Varazdin, Krapina, Belgrade, Ohrid, Skopje, Bologna, Bobfingen, Vienna, Salzburg, Salzburg, Modena, Novara and other the cities.
She worked on more than 200 group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Artist Rehorović Nevenka works

  • SALE
    Rehorović Nevenka
    Still life
    oil on glass / 23 x 28 cm

    MORE 2.220,00 kn ( -20% ) 1.776,00 kn (238,87 €)
  • SALE
    Rehorović Nevenka
    Blue Winter
    oil on glass / 20 x 25 cm

    MORE 1.798,00 kn ( -50% ) 899,00 kn (120,91 €)
  • SALE
    Rehorović Nevenka
    oil on glass / 14 x 12 cm

    MORE 1.100,00 kn ( -50% ) 550,00 kn (73,97 €)