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Guy Renne was born in Moulins, France in 1925.
He studied in Paris under the German occupation, he enrolled in École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1944 but soon spent more time in the museums than in the academy.
He was self-taught, with a good practice of painting and preferred to frequent the Louvre, discovering its landscape masters like Ruysdael, Troyon, Corot; classic Rembrandt, Ingres; and great romantic Delacroix, Géricault, among others.
Renne, who was originally from the Provence, returned to this region after his time in Paris.
A constant theme in his work is the nature of the Provence as well as the four elements water, fire, earth and air.
Guy Renne passed away in Montord in 1990.

Artist Renne Guy works

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    Renne Guy
    Fishing town
    graphic / print / 23 x 46 cm

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