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Vejzović Munir

Munir Vejzović was born at Doboj on 29 January 1945. He spent his childhood and completed elementary school is his native town and then moved to Sarajevo, where he enrolled in the Secondary Sc hoo I of Applied Arts (Department of Painting). There he first came into contact (through reproductions) with the works of Josip Račić, Miroslav Kraljević and Vladimir Becić. Upon graduation in 1965 he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (Department of Painting). Among the courses that he studied there was an elective course in graphic arts taught by Professor Frano Baće.
Studying under Professors Ljubo Ivančić, Ivan Režek, Krsto Hegedušić, Vjekoslav Parač and Antun Mezdjić, he became acquainted with modern Croatian painting.
In the winter of 1968 he interrupted his studies and left for Paris carried by youthful restlessness and the passionate desire to experience at first hand the modern movements in this metropolis of art. However, the turbulent political situation and students’ unrest prompted him to cut short his stay in Pari s and return home. He resumed his studies at the Academy and graduated under Professor Antun Mezdjić in 1970. It was about that time that Vejzović began his fruitful cooperation and friendship with the critic and publicist Josip Depolo and, somewhat later, with the art collector and publisher Božo Biškupić.
Important dates:
1974 - First one-man exhibition of drawings, Medveščak Municipal Library, Zagreb
1977 - Painting teacher at the secondary school of applied arts, Zagreb 1976 - Co-founder and member of the Josip Račić Gallery in Zagreb, where he had one-man exhibitions in 1977, 1979, 1982 and 1987
1983 - First foreign exhibition at the Martin Molinary Gallery in New York, followed by the Prinzhorn in Vienna in 1984
1986 - The monotype graphics album Pastora/e was produced at the suggestion of the publisher Božo Biškupić, followed by the collectors’ edition of poetry and graphics in collaboration with the poet Dražen Katunarić, with the preface and introductory tex! by Josip Depolo and Ranko Marinković.
1986 - First monograph study of Vejzović‘s art, with an introduction by Josip Depolo, was published in Biškupić‘s series Pr/zrna.
1999 - Second monograph study, entitled That Dream, was published by Školska Knjiga, with the preface and introductory tex! by Luko Paljetak and Josip Depolo. One-man exhibitions were held in Istanbul and Ankara that Year.
2000 - The poetry and graphics album entitled Your Body, My Home, with the poet Arsen Dedić, introductory tex! by Andriana Škunca, was published by the Canavas Gallery in Zagreb.

Artist Vejzović Munir works

  • Vejzović Munir
    Zagreb - Zrinjevac G 2
    graphic / print / 60 x 70 cm

    1.780,00 kn (239,41 €)
  • Vejzović Munir
    Zagreb - Law school
    graphic / print / 50 x 65 cm

    1.600,00 kn (215,20 €)
  • SALE
    Vejzović Munir
    Zagreb - Zrinjevac I
    graphic / print / 21 x 26 cm

    MORE 1.000,00 kn ( -20% ) 800,00 kn (107,60 €)
  • SALE
    Vejzović Munir
    Zagreb - Zrinjevac
    drypoint / 23 x 30 cm

    MORE 1.600,00 kn ( -20% ) 1.280,00 kn (172,16 €)
  • Vejzović Munir
    graphic / print / 40 x 60 cm

    1.550,00 kn (208,47 €)