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On the website www.alm.hr there is a catalog of products offered by A.L.M. d.o.o., Savska cesta 98, 10000 Zagreb.
Products can not be purchased directly and ordered through a web site.



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Privacy Policy

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Pursuant to Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette No. 41/14 and 110/15), we inform consumers that dissatisfaction with the service provided can be expressed in written complaint at the following address:
A.L.M. d.o.o., Savska cesta 98, 10000 Zagreb
or by email: alm@alm.hr
We will hereby acknowledge receipt of your complaint without delay. We will respond to the objections submitted in writing within 15 days of receipt of the complaint. Please include in your complaint: Name and surname or company name and reply address.

You can download the form here.



The buyer is entitled to unilaterally terminate the sales contract within the statutory period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the product was delivered to the buyer, without giving reasons.
In order to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement, you must notify us of your decision to unilaterally terminate your contract by a post, fax or electronic mail before the expiration of the 14 day deadline, specifying your name, address, number telephone, fax or e-mail address, or via the one-off termination agreement form in the attachment. Confirmation of the receipt of a notice of unilateral termination of the contract will be delivered to you, without delay, by electronic or regular mail.

A.L.M. Ltd. in the case of a unilateral termination of the contract, without delay, within a period of 14 days from the receipt of a written notice of termination of the contract by the buyer, to return the money paid to the buyer (possibly reduced by the delivery price).
Refunds will be paid with the same payment method unless the buyer explicitly agrees to another form of payment, assuming that the customer does not bear any additional charges for such a refund.

A.L.M.d.o.o. is obliged to make a refund paid only after the customer has returned the goods. The customer 's reimbursement of the goods in case of unilateral termination of the contract shall be borne by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

The buyer is not entitled to one-sided termination if:

the object of the contract is the goods made by the Buyer's specification or clearly conformed to the Buyer
which is ordered specially according to the buyer's wishes and is not in the regular range
goods that had a special discount or were purchased at an action price

In all cases where a product is returned on any basis, the Buyer is obliged to return the returning product in the original package together with all the relevant parts and documentation and each marking for the purpose of indicating that the product is not used or damaged may not be removed or damaged .

The buyer is obligated to take over the purchased product when delivering. Exceptionally, in the event of a noticeable shortage of products that the Buyer notices when picking up the Shipment, the Buyer shall not be obliged to take delivery of the Product and may refuse the receipt and shall not bear the costs of delivering the Shipment. It is considered that the products duly received by the Buyer did not have a visible disadvantage.

If a product has a hidden disadvantage (eg broken part, product is scratched in transport) that the Buyer finds upon opening the product without using, installing or putting the product into operation, the Buyer is entitled to unilateral termination of the contract and refund, replacement of the product, removal lack or price reduction.

You can download the form here.


Guarantees and Limitation of Liability

Gallery A.L.M. and his owner A.L.M. Ltd. do not respond to any damages that may arise due to the interruption of availability, non-disclosure of content, accidental deletion of content or errors in the operation of the web site.
We also do not warrant that the content on this site is free of errors and will work and be appropriate to your needs and intended use. Gallery A.L.M. is not responsible to you, nor to any third party for any damages; whether direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential, related to or resulting from your use, misuse or inability to use the A.L.M. web site and / or service.
Accepting the limitation of our responsibility is a prerequisite for using the A.L.M. portal and / or service.


Final provisions

We may change the appearance and content of the site and the terms of use for certain reasons, so we advise you to review them occasionally to find out about possible changes. Any changes made to this site by A.L.M. immediately becomes effective, and any subsequent use of the A.L.M. and / or service will imply your acceptance of the amended terms.


Directive on Alternative Dispute Resolution

By special regulation of the European Union, as of 15 February 2016 throughout the EU, online purchase disputes will be possible through the ODR platform that you can access here.

This means that if you encounter a problem during an online purchase within the EU (defective product, inability to substitute products, etc.), you can submit your objection in a quicker and simpler way at the top link. The platform can be used by consumers and merchants, and the complaint can be submitted to any of the 23 official EU languages.


Gallery A.L.M. does not guarantee that all prices and information on these pages are correct and correct and reserves the right to alter or correct the prices or data incorrectly stated.

Date Last Modified: 3. 3. 2018.

Shop terms

The Gallery A.L.M. has been engaged in art promotion and dealership of domestic and foreign authors for more than 27 years.
Some paintings from our offer can be seen on website www.alm.hr.
Our headquarters is in Zagreb where all the inquiries and orders come submitted but the paintings are exposed and sold in twenty towns across the Croatia.
Some of the paintings exposed on the website are not for sale, but they only present the opus of particular artist. 

Therefore, all interested persons are kindly asked to contact us by phone 00385 91 6177651 or 00385 1 6177651, respectively by e-mail alm@alm.hr and to arrange purchase of specific images.

Depending on your needs and desires, you can buy the painting with or without frame, and it can be delivered to you on the selected location. These are some of the reasons why the prices are not indicated next to the respective images.
Payment can be performed by payment on our account before taking over of the order.

From 1.1.2013. company A.L.M. not in the VAT system.

On this website you can find links to other websites. You can visit them at your own risk. A.L.M. Ltd is not responsible for content on external websites.


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